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The tobacco business started in 1880 in Andorra by Rafael Reig Sans.

Reig Patrimonia

REIG PATRIMONIA is structured into four business units: TOBACCO, REAL STATE, FINANCE, PRIVATE EQUITY and in front of which the company Reig SA is Patrimonia.


The unit started in 1950 with the activity of rental housing and commercial premises in the Principality of Andorra.

Private Equity

Reig Patrimonia selectively invest in funds of Private Equity and Venture Capital mainly in Western Europe and the United States.


The financial activity in Reig Patrimonia began in 1956 with the foundation of Banca Reig.

Cartera Financera

Reig Patrimonia manages a liquid and conservative financial portfolio, with long-term vision, and mainly invested in money market instruments, fixed income and equities.

REIG PATRIMONIA mission is to develop and preserve the spirit of initiative, good family name and heritage, through a project management professional ethics and to become the reference value provided to employees, the partners, customers and the social environment.