Mission, Vision and Values

priv3Reig Patrimonia’s mission is to develop and preserve the spirit of initiative, good name and family heritage through a professional and ethical management of projects that become a reference for the value that they provide to collaborators, partners, customers and their social environment.



The values that prevail in the actions of those who are part of Reig Patrimionia are:

  • Respect for individuals:

Will to stimulate the spirit of personal respect in all the Reig Patrimonia collaborators, to encourage mutual loyalty, to promote teamwork and to provide opportunities for a full professional development.

  • Professionalism:

Performance designed to work with exigency to achieve the best goals.


Quality achieved by the people that, in their daily actions, have an ethical, transparent and honest behavior.

  • Spirit of initiative:

Will to enhance the research and the proposal of new improvements or ideas that allow developing, in a more effective and efficient way, our commitment with others.


Will of collaboration and continued assistance to others.