Organizational Structure


REIG PATRIMONIA is structured into five business units: TOBACCO, REAL ESTATE, FINANCE, PRIVATE EQUITY and FINANCIAL PORTFOLIO, the head of which is Reig Patrimonia, SA society.

The REAL ESTATE unit’s primary activities are of patrimonial nature: rental of apartments, shops, warehouses, offices and others, as well as promotional activities.

The FINANCE unit focuses on the ownership of shares of companies that develop banking activities.

The FINANCIAL PORTFOLIO unit manages a portfolio of liquid investments in the financial markets, with a conservative and long-term vision.

The PRIVATE EQUITY unit invests selectively in private equity and venture capital funds mainly in Western Europe and the United States.

Currently, Reig Patrimonia is led by professionals in each sector. Leading the group is the family Ribas Reig, represented by Òscar Ribas Duró (president) and Oriol Ribas Duró (vice president).